28 Jun 2009

still vmware workstation

Fedora 11, I think vmware workstation doesn't completely support latest release of Fedora, I got many problems with vmware run on F11.

Whenever I stop vmware workstation, it cannot fully stop, many vm processes are still running until I do a force kill, and today I got new problem, because vmware workstation never stop all its processes, so it didn’t shutdown properly. because we killed it, lock files will be stored in ~/vmware/Gentoo/Gentoo.vmdk.lck , depends on your path, then if we start vmware workstation and power on a virtual machine, we will get this error:
Cannot open the disk '/path/to/vmware/Gentoo/Gentoo.vmdk' or one of the snapshot disks it depends on. Reason: Failed to lock the file

rm /path/to/vmware/Gentoo/Gentoo.vmdk.lck/*.lck

When vmware and fedora fix these stupid errors?