15 Sep 2011

Life definition

What is a wing? How does it make something fly? It’s the same exact type basic materials (quarks, protons, electrons, etc.) simply in another configuration. So do wings really make things fly?
How about a memory? A replaying of an event in time within the mind of a human. This is an organization as well — in this case an organization of chemicals (themselves organization of molecules of atoms of quarks) that allow us to store information in a format that is similar to that of human experience.
What is human experience? It’s perceived using the brain (another organization) and a number of sensory organs that are themselves specialized organizations of building blocks.
Fundamentally, we have things crashing into each other at the subatomic level, and everything else (the things we give names to and understand) are nothing more than concepts associated with the organization of said collisions.
That’s what life and death is — the collection of some of these bits into a formation that matches a particular type of concept until it doesn’t match that pattern anymore.
If we build a sand castle from sand, and then it gets destroyed by the rising tide, where did that castle go? Where did it come from? Did it actually exist at all? What is, “castle”?
What is life? What is love?
It is like “human”. They are all like the castle — temporary organizations of building blocks in a pattern recognized. And once they are not in that pattern anymore they “die”.
But nothing dies because nothing ever existed. There’s just a bunch of stuff banging into itself.

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