5 Mar 2015

Something I have done these days

1. Symemcache pool using common pool 1.x: https://github.com/whatvn/Spymemcache-commonpool-1 
2. Symemcache pool using common pool 2.x: https://github.com/whatvn/Spymemcache-commonpool-2 
3. A http multiplexer in java: https://github.com/whatvn/HttpMultiplexer
4. A video encoder service which makes use of libav (from fffmpeg), gearman and libftp: https://github.com/whatvn/mp4encoder
5. An example nginx module to make nginx work together with thrift backend: https://github.com/whatvn/nginx_photo_thrift_module 
6. A modified version of nginx mp4 module to fix mp4 file automatically in order to start playback immediately: https://github.com/whatvn/ngx_http_enhance_mp4_module 
7. A ported version of firebase pushid in C (can be called a better/simpler uuid generator): https://github.com/whatvn/firebase-pushid 

You can find more details in github links.